Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using Healy if you have any of these contraindications. Do not place the electrodes directly on the eyes, covering the mouth, on the front of the neck (especially the carotid sinus), or on the chest and the upper back or crossing through the heart. These could cause a dangerous condition. During the application mood changes can occur, such as a feeling of heaviness or lightness. In such cases, you should continue the application for a few minutes until you feel normal again. If the disturbing symptoms persist even after a few minutes, you should discontinue the application.

Within the framework of holistic healing approaches, certain interactions (e.g., strengthening of the body‘s own mechanisms) are possible through frequency applications. If you are using Healy while taking medication, we recommend that you have the dose periodically checked by your doctor, especially if you are taking the following medications: – Blood thinners – Antidiabetics – Blood pressure lowering medication – Hormones (especially thyroid hormones) – Beta blockers Healy and its applications are only suitable for adults over the age of 18. Insufficient data is available for use by minors. Always use your Healy in accordance with the Instructions for Use, and pay particular attention to the Safety Notes they contain. 1.2 Supporting Factors in Combination

The Healy App frequencies are delivered through the Healy microcurrent device using the electrodes that came with your Healy. Do not use microcurrent stimulation if you:

  1. have a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator, or have any metallic foreign objects are in the area of application
  2. have an open wound or bleeding, a sensory disorder, or have had radiation therapy near the site of the electrodes
  3. have a fever, new scar tissue, a history of uncontrolled seizures, epilepsy
  4. are or may be pregnant

Here is a link to the healy manual: