“My wife and I approached Dr. Radhikesh for help with my teenage son, who is going through a rough stretch in his life. We were pleasantly surprised at the scientific accuracy of the information that Dr. Radhikesh provided us, including specific dates for the onset of my son’s issues and specific symptoms that Dr. Radhikesh simply could not have been aware of before our consult. Moreover, his levelheaded and practical suggestions on next steps to assist my son, offered in a compassionate manner and informed by his training as a physician and spiritual practitioner, did much to remove the uncertainty we felt about how best to address the situation. We highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Radhikesh for advice and help.”

David C. -- Tampa, FL

“His Grace Radhikesh Das kindly took time to read my spiritual chart to help in my devotional life and in my health. His timing in doing such service for me could not be more perfect and I am thankful for that.”

Sati -- Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

“I highly recommend my dear friend, colleague, and astrologer Radhikesh Das, who did the marriage compatibility chart for me and my wife. He is very steady in his Krishna consciousness, and I trust him implicitly. The various astrological charts he has done for me and my family have been not only accurate but also very personal.”

Dr. Frank O., MD -- Gainesville, FL

“Very precise and detailed reading. Reading of the past was true and spot-on. So much was revealed just for a limited reading. Would recommend everyone to give it a try.”

L. Mitrovic, Serbia

“Dr. Radhikesh did an amazing reading. I was very happy with it. All these years of searching for an astrologer who has great insight has finally paid off. Thank you!”


“As someone who has gotten readings from many astrologers, I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to getting my chart read. Nevertheless, I recently felt in need of an updated reading and decided to reach out to Radhikesh Prabhu. Instantly upon my first interaction with him on the phone, my mind was at ease as I knew I found someone legitimate and trustworthy. He is not only an expert in the field of jyotish, but is also very warm, kind and easy to communicate with about such a personal topic. His insights, in my opinion, were precise, and he communicated information in a way that was empowering and thoughtful, without being opaque or generic. I would personally recommend him to anyone seeking guidance or clarity in their life. “

Hana, USA