Radhikesh Das

Radhikesh Das is a Medical Doctor who has also been studying vedic astrology since 2012, from Nalini Kanta Prabhu. This passion for vedic astrology has stemmed from childhood. His grandfather was also a medical doctor and astrologer, which enlivened him to later take up the profession himself. Radhikesh Das is a member of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He took initiation from his spiritual master, His Holiness Radhanath Swami in 2010.

Vedic astrology can be a great asset to your life. It can help guide you through difficulties and through life’s toughest questions. Will our relationship last? Is this the right career for me? Why am I so angry? When is the right time for us to start a family? What if I get cancer? How can I communicate better with my spouse? What’s the secret to connecting with my children? How will I get through this legal issue? Is this the right time and place for my business?

These timeless questions are asked every day, crossing every boundary of culture, religion, race, and gender. Remarkably, some of the world’s most learned traditions have granted us a tool to assist in finding all those answers.

Allow the knowledge of astrology to assist you in uncovering your own hidden talents, your best communication strategies, and an understanding of what lies ahead.